About Us


DBX Communications is built on extensive and in-depth information resources with even greater experience. We offer our clients innovation, insight as well as our expertise in creating and providing converged solutions. DBX will assist and guide you towards the best possible solution for your business.

Since our inception we have acquired dealership agreements with all the major technological suppliers. Our professional relationship with our suppliers has been built up over a number of years to a level of mutual respect, thus creating the promotion of both smooth engineering and implementation processes. This is of paramount importance not only to our clients but also to DBX Communications and suppliers alike.

DBX Communications is not aligned with any one particular supplier or vendor and will present the client with unbiased comparative quotations inclusive of detailed reports and supporting documentation for all major solutions available that would be best suited to the client’s particular requirements. Once a service supplier/s has been nominated we will ensure that all Telkom and/or other network operator/s documentation is completed timorously in addition to monitoring the progress providing the client with before and after sales service.