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Why use DBX Communications?

Acquiring suitable technology is at times somewhat confusing and certainly a time consuming experience. This is aggravated by a lack of in-house expertise on converged voice/data platforms. All too often staff or management are tasked to procure converged equipment. After all this is not your company’s core business focus, this in itself creates a number of challenges, such as:

  • Time Management
  • Lack of Knowledge regarding:- 
    • Worldwide trends and standards
    • Accredited suppliers - local, national and international
    • Supplier Stability
    • Local conditions
    • Project Management
    • Tender or Request for Proposal processes.
    • Telkom or other Network Operators.

  • Lack of converged technology expertise.  
    • We have often had dealings with IT personnel that have acquired great knowledge and skills in their particular vocation but unfortunately lack the necessary converged technology knowledge and experience to be effectual in the processes as outlined in this document.