GSM Devices



Non-reliant on Telkom and Telkom infrastructure  

No installation required (Wireless)

No waiting months for a telephone line to be installed 


It places all your call traffic directly onto South Africa’s fastest and furthest reaching Cellular networks, providing you with excellent call quality, reliability and availability. 


GSM Devices :

  • Completely mobile and works in any area where there is cellular coverage
  • Guaranteed call quality and quality of service
  • Calls to and from all networks
  • No risk of copper cable theft
  • One number for life
  • Free itemised billing
  • Free voicemail
  • SMS Capabilities
  • Caller line identity
  • Built in Radio
  • Backed by Blue Chip companies
  • ICASA licensed equipment
  • SAVINGS of up to 40% + on usage
  • Per second billing
  • Low monthly rental
  • Lower rates
  • Once approved unit can be delivered within a couple of days
  • Calls from 44c per minute, sms rate at 20c, per second billing on mobile and international calls


GSM Router 

Making calls from the office phones to mobiles are quite often the highest element of a business telephone account - but seem to go unnoticed.

The GSM Routing device allows you to route the calls through a cheaper medium. The device routes your mobile, local, national and international calls over a mobile network rather than a landline or VoIP network, thereby avoiding the high costs of cross network charges.

There is no expensive wiring involved - the device simply connects to your existing office telephone system. (PBX) The hardware is free of charge. This device can completely replace your landline using the cellular network. Connected to the analogue or ISDN PBX port/s the device provides an automatic low-cost routing service through the GSM network, which means a huge cost saving compared with traditional communication. The device is a flexible and is a cost-effective solution for connecting your PABX telephone system to the digital wireless

GSM network. This device works very similar to a premicell, however a premicell only routes mobile calls where as this device routes all calls.

(Local, National, International and Mobile) Giving you savings of up to 40% on all your calls with guaranteed call quality.


These routers have similar features and savings as the GSM Devices.